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To sell each item at no more than $5 per order (CPO) for all online advertising channels.

The Challenge:
  • We exceeded our $5 goal by 26% with $3.97
  • We beat our 400% return on investment goal by 76% with 900% ROI
  • 115,000 of 244,000 orders (47%) came directly from our campaigns.?

Using Google & Bing paid search and shopping ads, we exceeded our target goal by 26% and drove 47% of all online orders.

The Results:
The Product:

A new window cleaning product

  • We exceeded our 400% return goal by 89% with a 3,261% ROI
  • We beat our Amazon goal by 155% - hitting a 3.11% instead of 25%
  • Our campaigns drove the top 10% of total sales revenue

Our strategic mix of paid search, video, display and social advertising campaigns returned over a 3,000% return on investment (ROI). ?

The Results:

Provide a 400% return; with a specific Amazon advertising goal of 25% advertising cost of sales (ACOS).

The Challenge:
The Product:

A new race car toy for kids

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