Advertising Packages

The Element Story

Element Marketing began 10 years ago as a boutique search shop that focused on online reputation management.

As the industry evolved, we shifted to offer several digital marketing services in addition to search; including website design, product management, and email marketing.

While these other services were successful, we found that our most in-demand service was continuously our online advertising campaigns.

In 2014, Element Marketing shifted our focus completely to online advertising campaigns.

Over the years we have run thousands of accounts, reaching customers all over the world.

We live, breathe and sleep search. If your business is looking to build your online presence or simply boost your current campaigns, Element Marketing is your go-to.

Element Marketing is a Certified Google Partner as well as Amazon Ads and Sizmek certified.

Everyone on our team are senior level professionals. No entry-level or automated management here.

All specialists are Google Certified

Element has over 15 years specializing in SEM, online marketing and creative design; in addition to 15 years in large project management and finance.

Over 30 years combined experience

We've run accounts for all sized companies across the globe and haven't met a campaign that we can't make work. However, we enjoy a challenge.

Proven history of success

What good is advertising without measurement? We track all initiatives to the dollar, ensuring that our campaigns are effective and profitable.

Measure. Analyze. Repeat.

Elise Richardson

CEO, Digital Strategy & Management

Travis Napoli

COO, Business Development & Operations

The Element Concept

Element Marketing is an agency comprised of only senior level professionals managed and directed by Elise Richardson and Travis Napoli.

The concept of an elite marketing agency is not new but passing the savings of working only with top-level professionals to clients is.

Because we require a minimum of 10 years of experience to join us, you are working with a team who has done this before. This means lightning fast turnaround, high quality output and shorter project times for you.

There's no other agency where you will only work with senior-level professionals throughout your entire project.

From start to finish, we want your experience to be seamless so that you can get back to what you're good at - running your business.

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